Fairbanks Correctional Center to undergo changes

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Fairbanks Correctional Center will be seeing some changes in the near future.

The facility will be implementing different aspects of the Norwegian prison system.

Today, staff members were able to share the different programs they offer to inmates, and what changes have already been put in place.

Executive Director at Prison Law Office, Donal Specter, will be helping to fund these implementations. This includes a trip to Norway to see firsthand what living is like for prisoners.

"They devote resources to making it normal, so there are kitchens with knives, where prisoners make their own meals," said Specter. There's a grocery store. There are walls, there are barbed wire, there are fences that they can't get out but people inside, the staff, are there as more of counselors to help them progress through the system rather than just to lock them up."

Fairbanks Correctional Center Superintendent, Tammy Axelsson, says providing a positive experience for inmates can help when they transition back to society.

"I think all of our facilities could accommodate change, and I think we've already started making great strides in that direction," said Axelsson. "Having a program like this that's going to help us make even better choices with our resources is going to be essential to making that a lasting environment for the folks that are going to be released into our community."