FNSB assembly Seat D candidates

In the final installment of our series on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly candidate forum earlier this week, Amanda Brennan takes a look at the two remaining candidates for Seat D.
At the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Borough Assembly candidate forum eight people were given a chance to convince voters why they should be considered for a seat on the assembly. The final two candidates vying for Seat D are former borough assembly member, Hank Bartos, and incumbent, Christopher Quist.
Bartos is running on the premise of what he calls "Institutional Memory," which, according to the Society of American Archivists, is the information held in personal recollections and experiences that provide an understanding of the history of an organization, especially when it comes to the reasoning behind decisions or procedures. Bartos discusses why, although he has Institutional Memory, he is not set in his ways.
Hank Bartos, Borough Assembly Candidate, Seat D>>"No I like to listen to new ideas, you know I have a saying that I believe in rigid flexibility. And so, looking at it that way; there are some things that need to be improved and some things that don't. And I think I have the ability and the experience to distinguish between those two things."
Christopher Quist, who won the only contested run for Seat D back in 2014, is passionate about maintaining borough services and funding education while not burdening the tax payer, as well as improving the air quality in Fairbanks. Quist goes on to plead his case for why he should be elected for a second term.
Christopher Quist; Borough Assembly Candidate, Seat D"I think you should vote for me because I have done a good job the last three years. And I think I genuinely represent the interest of the majority of the people in this community. And I think that I can be even more effective and valuable with a second term. "
Both candidates have differing points of view when it comes to the state budget and the Marijuana initiative for the borough. Bartos plans on voting Yes on 1, while Quist plans on voting No. Although they have political differences, Bartos and Quist say they want what is best for the borough.
Amanda Brennan reporting.
Extended versions of both of the Seat D candidates' interviews are posted on the KTVF Facebook.