FDA's 'On Gold Pond' examines nature of relationships, courage

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Set on the banks of Maine, join the Thayer family at tonight's opening of 'On Golden Pond' at the Hap Ryder Riverfront Theatre.
Written by Ernest Thompson, the award-winning play first premiered in 1979.
Join Norman, Ethel and their children as they traverse themes of aging parents and teen life.
Combining love and courage, Director Peggy Ferguson says regardless of age it's not always easy to say 'I'm sorry.'
Peggy Ferguson; Director>>: "The play really looks at the theme of courage. How much courage, how much personal courage it takes to broach and resolve unresolved issues of bitterness and sad memories and to actually say those words, 'I'm sorry,' and it's the bravery of renewing love, some times which can be very difficult when there are hurts from the past. It's a beautiful family story of three generations who bring their courage to bear in telling the story of their own personal courage and love for each other."
Opening night is tonight with the performance starting at 7:30.
Tickets are available by calling 456-7529.
The box office opens one hour before show time.