Explore Fairbanks rolls out aurora tracker tool

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A new website claiming to make following the aurora much easier was introduced at this week's Interior Tourism Conference.
Explore Fairbanks launched the 'Aurora Tracker' site that monitors the aurora forecast, a three day weather forecast, and the amount of daylight for six locations.
Users can select any of the locations and see, in real-time, where the aurora is visible.
The Midnight Sun Tracker shows the amount of daylight for Fairbanks, Utqiagvik, and Coldfoot.
Resources for the data for the new site are the National Weather Service, and the Geophysical Institute's Aurora Forecast.
Explore Fairbanks Director of Communications, Amy Geiger, told us why the six locations were chosen for the Aurora Tracker.
Amy Geiger; Director of Communications, Explore Fairbanks>>: "One of the reasons why we have Fairbanks and Coldfoot is because the auroral oval, which we happen to be under here in Fairbanks, is on the outer edge of the aurora oval and Coldfoot is on the inner edge. Of course, that aurora oval grows and shrinks depending on the day and the amount of aurora activity. But in general, we're on the lower portion of the oval and Coldfoot is on the inner portion of the oval. And the other four locations were selected because they're highly sought-after aurora locations. People go there to view the aurora as well as photograph the aurora."