Event helps Alaskans sign up for health care

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Alaskans who might be struggling to get health insurance coverage for the upcoming year got some help this week.
The Alaska Primary Care Association held a short presentation at the Noel Wien Library on Tuesday.
Coverage Initiative Coordinator, Jessie Menkens, gave a short presentation about the program.
She says the Alaska Primary Care Association provides statewide outreach and education on insurance coverage, and what benefits might be available for Alaskans.
The open enrollment for insurance coverage began November 1st, and lasts until December 15th.
Menkens says that even if Interior residents weren't able to make it to the open enrollment event, there is still time left to get signed up.
Jessie Menkens; Coverage Initiative Coordinator, Alaska Primary Care Association>>: "The state went to the federal government and requested support through a 13 32 waiver to provide additional sustainability to this reinsurance program which is helping to reduce the costs that Alaskans are experiencing in our individual market. Alaskans can go online to www.getcoveredalaska.org and then click on find local help and you can see a full listing of individuals who are available to help with questions. Here in Fairbanks we have a navigator, Noelle, who can help with one on one questions and she is scheduling appointments."