Eielson welcomes new 354th Fighter Wing commander

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Eielson Air Force Base has a new 354th Fighter wing commander as of July 6th.
The change of command ceremony celebrates the incoming commander, while recognizing the outgoing commander's achievements.
The current commander, Colonel David Mineau of the 354th Fighter Wing at Eielson, said his goodbyes as commander of the wing, as he welcomed his successor.

"This is your cue, one last time -- remain Ready to GO!," exclaimed Colonel Mineau.

The passing of the flag is a symbolic gesture that demonstrates the change in leadership for the wing.

Incoming Wing Commander, Colonel Benjamin Bishop, said "I'm looking forward to first just be living in Alaska. My wife have four small children, and we just love being in this environment. We feel like we are just on the frontier, and really pioneering the future in many ways. We have amazing airmen here in the 354th fighter wing, and I'm looking forward to developing them and working with them to advance the mission and really serve this great country."

Colonel Bishop will now be the 354th Fighter Wing Commander at Eielson for the next two years.
He said he is looking forward to working with the community to grow Eielson, and the local area, with the arrival of the F-35's.