Educators test their fitness

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Recruits at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego face 13 weeks of drills, marching and hard work and this week educators from across the country got a small dose of that training.
From the receiving bay to the more physical aspect of a Marines daily routine, these educators are getting just a taste of what it means to be a Marine participating in the combat fitness test, the Marine Corps Martial Arts program, even making their way through the bayonet assault course.
Staff Sergeant Trevor Woodruff is one of the drill instructors leading these educators.
He hopes his group will leave San Diego with a better understanding of the military.
"The educator workshop is a great opportunity to change minds," he said.
Graduating Recruit Private Alexander Kuhn agreed.
"If teachers can come away knowing what happens in the military, the opportunity it provides young men and young women whoa re looking to better their future, that would be a great bridge in our society," Kuhn said.
Kuhn goes on to say that enlisting shouldn't be a last option.
For him it's about his future and one day supporting a family of his own.