Early voting begins for municipal elections

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Early and absentee voting started today for this year's municipal election.

Absentee voting is opened to those who will not be in the local area on Election Day, or those who simply wish to vote early.
Early voting at city hall and the borough building will be taking place until October 2nd, the day before the election.
City hall is open from 8 A-M to 5 P-M Monday through Friday.
On the city's ballot this year are two uncontested city council seats and two Propositions.
Proposition A is the marijuana initiative, and Proposition B deals with whether or not to increase city property taxes.
Fairbanks City clerk, Danyielle Snider, told us how early voting works.

"They can request an absentee ballot by mail and they can do that by fax they can fax their application into the borough clerk's office or email their application in and then they will send you an absentee ballot. They can also come in person here and vote. A person can vote over at the Fairbanks North Star Borough, they will be also voting city residents there both for the city of Fairbanks and for the city of North Pole. Here at the city of Fairbanks, is if a North Pole voter for instance wanted to come vote for that election in my office, we cannot vote North Pole voters but we can vote the Fairbanks North Star Borough voters here at this office as well."