Drivers required to "Move Over", change lanes for official vehicles starting Nov. 4

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Starting Sunday November 4, if you see a state emergency or maintenance vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road, you are required to pull into the far lane to provide a safe distance while passing. The commonly known "Move Over" law, where drivers move into the far lane to give police officers who have pulled over more space, will now cover more state vehicles including Department of Transportation automobiles, animal control and tow trucks actively picking up a vehicle.

This law only applies if you are on a road with two lanes moving in the same direction and you are able to give space safely.

Lieutenant Brian Wassman, with Alaska State Troopers, says that right now they are focusing on educating the public about the new law.

"If somebody causes a crash and injures somebody, we're going to take enforcement action on those types of situations, but our main concern, our main effort is to educate the public, just to make things safer for employees on our roadways and highways, so for the next few months when we see it, our primary focus will be issuing warnings and providing education to the public until it's well known what the protections are," he said.

Once Alaska State Troopers believe the public is well educated on the new additions to the law, drivers who fail to comply can be pulled over and receive an infraction with a fine.