Dodge, LeBon tie in race for State House District 1, first tie since 2006

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Kathryn Dodge and Bart LeBon are now tied for State House District 1. The state review board just finished reviewing all of the ballots.

Region III Election Supervisor Jeremy Johnson said, "They have hands and eyes on these ballots, so they're able to catch light stroke marks across those bubbles that the optical scan isn't able to catch."

By watching closely, the review board indicated a tie between Dodge and LeBon.

"There are still some absentee ballots that they have yet to put their eyes and hands on. That will happen on Monday, November 26 and they plan to certify the election at that time. Once certification happens, the results will be finalized. And if it maintains that tie status, we will go into a recount," Johnson said.

The recount is scheduled to happen on Friday, November 30. Although ties are rare, this is not the first time.

"In 2006 it occurred one other time. If after certification, and after the recount, the tie remains, then it is truly a toss of the coin," he said.

Again, the results are still unofficial and the election is aimed to be certified on Monday, November 26.