Disabled advocacy group plans downtown rally

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A local advocacy group for the disabled is having a rally downtown on Friday.
The 'Key Campaign Rally' will be held in the Sadler's Building lobby to discuss the various issues surrounding adults and children with disabilities.
Started in 19-97, the 'Key Coalition of Alaska' was born out of what they describe as devastating funding cuts to developmental disabilities programs, and a wait list of both urban and rural citizens requiring assistance that grew from 350 people in 19-97 to over 750 people in 20-17.
The focus of the annual campaign is to develop a year-round plan of concerted advocacy for Alaskan families and individuals to empower them to assume a meaningful role in neighborhoods of their choosing, as well as promoting full inclusion and independence.
Fairbanks Resource Agency Assistant Director of Community Development, Wendy Cloyd, told us about what participants can expect at Friday's rally.
Wendy Cloyd; Asst. Dir. of Community Development, FRA>>: "So the Key Campaign Rally will happen this Friday, March 2nd at noon. We're going to meet in the Sadler's lobby first where we'll go over this year's campaign priorities. We'll sing a few songs, have some hot chocolate and fill out some public opinion messages. Then, we'll head out into the street and walk along Cushman in front of the Sadler's building and show our support for those people who are already in Juneau speaking to legislators about this year's campaign priorities."