Department of Transportation brainstorms Airport Way changes

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities hosted a workshop to begin developing some ideas about future road construction on Airport Way.
The workshop was held at the La Quinta Inn Tuesday evening.
DOT and Public Facilities had three tables lined out with maps, charts, and sticky notes for the public to write down their ideas, thoughts, or concerns about the reconstruction of Airport Way. According to project manager Jeff Organek the project is a planning project where the goal is for DOT to conduct a report to help with designing multiple road projects of Airport Way.
Jeff Organek; Department of Transportation Project Manager>>: "From what I perceived from my conversations, they want to be able to get on a bicycle and drive from one end of airport way to the other on the frontage road sidewalks unimpeded so that's a concern. And there's also some discussion of just what I would describe as funky intersections where frontage roads and side streets and airport way kind of join together, there's some awkward traffic maneuvering that occurs there and the question is come up can we make this more efficient."