Delta man gets 3 years for Zip-Tie assault

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A Delta man was sentences to three years behind bars for trying to strangle a woman using zip-ties.
55-year-old Russell Sandlin pleaded guilty to felony assault yesterday at Fairbanks Superior Court.
The Alaska State Troopers say that on May 7th, Sandlin lured a woman away from others and placed a zip-tie around her neck, demanding she begin dating him.
She told troopers Sandlin asked her questions about who she was seeing, and if she didn't talk to him, she wouldn't leave alive.
Officials say Sandlin picked her up and moved her to a shed were he placed a second zip tie on her neck, and would tighten it when she didn't give him the answers he wanted to hear.
Eventually the woman promised not to tell anyone, and Sandlin let her go.
She immediately told a witness, and later called the troopers.