Defendant testifies in trial for Kavairlook murder

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Paul Lyle; Fairbanks Court Judge >> "The motion for judgment of acquittal on murder in the second degree under A.S 1141.110.82, is therefore also denied."

Defense attorney Jeffrey Safford called 24-year-old Patrick Dale Burton-Hill to the stand today to give his account of the events of the May 2015 shooting of 23-year-old John Kavairlook outside Rock N Rodeo.

Jeffrey Saddford; Defense Attorney >> "Why did you shoot and kill John Kavairlook?"

Patrick Burton-Hill; Defendant >> "I was afraid he was going to kill me and my little brother."

JS >> "What were the last things that John Kavairlook said or did to give you that belief?"

BH >> "After his wife was hit in the mouth, he just looked at me in my face and said 'I got something for your ***' and ran full speed to his car."

Safford went on to ask Burton-Hill about his brother, Kelvin Burton, who Burton-Hill claimed he also felt was in danger.
When asked to describe their relationship, Burton-Hill claimed his younger brother was his best friend.
Burton-Hill was asked what brought him to Alaska from his home in California, Burton-Hill stated he had actually been to the state a few times since he was 19, however May of 2015 was his first trip to Fairbanks.

JS >> "From 2013 to 2015, did you come back and forth to Alaska a good deal?"

BH >> "Yeah, I visited multiple times after."

The defense went on to ask Burton-Hill to describe the events of May 17th 2015, and what went on inside the bar.
Burton-Hill recalled that he and his friends stayed on the second floor, when Demarius Hinson went down stairs to get a drink.
He went on to say after a few minutes the rest of the group followed which is when they encountered Kavairlook, who Burton-Hill claimed was aggressive from the start.
Burton-Hill stated that a fight did ensue between Hinson and Kavairlook, at which point they were ejected from the bar.
He continued describing that he noticed Kavairlook waiting for them when they came out of the bar, and another fight began.
He said that Kavairlook's anger escalated after his wife Shalene had been hit.
Burton-Hill stated that after Kavairlook said "I have something for you", he ran towards the direction of his car, and Burton-Hill did the same.
When asked about firing the weapon, Burton-Hill claimed he "fired until he felt safe."
The case is set to continue tomorrow morning.
From Fairbanks Superior Court, this is Rhiannon Walker