'Dancing Lights' display lights up the night for the holidays

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A new Christmas display is lighting up the night on Phillips Field Road, giving Fairbanks a little extra joy for the holidays.

Bracing dark and cold nights is what many Fairbanksans face daily during the winter but Dick Brickley is turning this often harsh season into a time of magic.

“Fairbanks has two seasons, winter and preparing for winter and so we’re taking advantage of essentiality what we have in the winter time which is a lot of darkness and cold and lights make magic,” he said.

Brickley and his wife have wanted to create their Dancing Lights display for a few yeas now.

With a steady stream of cars, Brickely greets each and every one with a smile, encouraging visitors to drive slowly and enjoy the lights.

Cars tune to 99.1 on their FM radio dial to listen to music while they tour the grounds. Brickley said there’s about 24 computers controlling the music that matches with the twinkling lights.

"It's an exciting experience, wonderful experience for the families of the Interior during the holiday season,” he added.

Driving just under half of a mile, dazzling displays and bright lights cover the snowy ground, with more being added every day. Brickley said one of the goals is to add at least one display every day.

The Dancing Lights display is running until the end of December, and is located at 3570 Phillips Field Road.