'Dachshund Dash' is a hit at Tanana Valley Fairgrounds

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The 2nd annual Mount McKinley Animal Hospital 'Dachshund Dog Race' got off to a fantastic start this year at the Tanana Valley State Fair over the weekend.

More than 10 dachshunds raced against each other in three heats before the top four champions raced in the final.

Each leg of the race required two handlers, one at the starting line and one at the finish.

Those at the finish line could bribe, scream, or make noise to get their dogs to come to them.

Most of the dogs were willing to prove their strength by outrunning the others, but some either turned around or stopped another competitor from winning.

Gail Jensen's dog, 'Rocking Rudy', won the final leg of the event as he ran toward the sound of his owner calling out to him.

Jensen says overall, the experience of participating with her dog in the race was fun and friendly.

"They were all so social. I mean they were just really nice. They're not, they weren't snippy or anything. And they were all looking for their owners obviously, you know. But it was just really nice because they were all such little social dogs. Even in the warm-up area it was just like 'Oh wow, this is pretty cool.' I didn't realize there was this many dachshunds in town as there are. Totally surprised, didn't think we stood a chance - I mean, really and truly, I mean, we're just here for the fun. If you've got a dachshund at home, bring them out next year."