DOT Spring Maintenance clear up roads in Interior

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As the rising temperatures begin to thaw roads, melting snow and ice are becoming more noticeable on major roadways around the Interior.
Department of Transportation activity will also be noticeable as they gear up for spring maintinance -- removing snow built up on the road's edge, and scraping ice and packed snow off roads. Northern Region Information officer, Catlin Frye, says it is important to remember that maintenance vehicles will be backing up, and as well as using plows.
She urges drivers to maintain a safe distance, and make sure operators are able to see their vehicles before they pass.

"Part of what we are trying to do is make sure that the road surface thaws evenly, so that it minimizes the damage to the pavement because if we don't do this extra stuff in the spring it can make the frost heaves worse and it can make pot holes worse on our roads and it also allows the snow on the edges of the road to melt during the day and get the roads wet, and of course it freezes up at night, so most of what we are doing right now with our spring operations have long term cost savings in mind and the safety of the public in mind," said Frye.