DEC implements measures to improve air quality

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Since the EPA has changed the Fairbanks air quality classification from moderate to serious, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is implementing two existing measures to help improve the air quality.

Starting June 9, one regulation will require the removal or replacement of any non-compliant wood stoves before the sale, lease, or conveyance of any properties within the non-attainment area, unless they have been EPA certified or have a waiver.

The second regulation, will require commercial wood sellers to register with the DEC if they are selling in the non-attainment area. Once registered, they will have to measure and document the moisture content and provide that information to buyers.

"The new regulation by the state actually isn't really new regulation," explains transportation director Glenn Miller. "This went into effect; the regulations were adopted long ago. However, those were kind of contingency regulations, so in the event that EPA reclassified Fairbanks as a serious non-attainment area, those regulations would then take effect."