Crime bill revision passes House

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska State House has passed a package of modifications aimed at improving a controversial criminal justice bill.
At one AM today, the House overwhelmingly voted to pass Senate Bill 54, by a vote of 32 to eight.
The bill would make a series of changes to omnibus crime bill Senate Bill 91, which went into effect in July of 2016.
SB 91 made changes to state criminal code aimed at emphasizing rehabilitation instead of long prison terms, and was meant to ease the state's swelling prison population, as well as reduce the likelihood that offenders would commit more crimes after being released.
But the law was criticized by members of the public and some in law enforcement who felt it wasn't tough enough on criminals.
SB 54 made changes to fix sentencing loopholes, and give judges more discretion to impose harsher penalties when warranted.
The bill now moves to the state Senate.