Crews cleaning up roads after rare December rain

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Local roads became slick last night after freezing rain fell across the Interior, causing accidents, and slowing traffic around town.
Although roads remain slippery, Alaska Department of Transportation crews applied sand and gravel today on major arteries and intersections.
Law enforcement agencies urge drivers to continue being very cautious on the roads, especially in places where crews haven't yet laid down gravel.
DOT spokeswoman, Meadow Bailey, says efforts to improve road conditions will continue through the weekend.
Meadow Bailey; Public Information Officer, AKDOT>>: "Last night's roads were really challenging and we were really concerned. We have all of our crews out, our sanders, we're putting down salt right now, and then we're coming back and scraping the road, trying to get the surface as clear as we can before temperatures get colder. We do anticipate that toward the end of the weekend, we'll have colder temperatures."