Couple in court after attempted burglary foiled by homeowner

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A North Pole couple faced a judge today after they were arrested for an alleged burglary that was stopped by the homeowner.
28-year-old Coryssa Russell and 26-year-old Dillon Laurence are charged with burglary, criminal mischief, theft, and assault.
The Alaska State Troopers say on November 12th, Russell and Laurence entered a Hurst Road home and hid their van in the garage.
The couple allegedly loaded construction tools into the vehicle, as well as copper pipe they stole.
Officials say the homeowner arrived while the two were still at the scene, and blocked the alleged burglars' getaway van inside the garage.
Troopers say Russel and Laurence attempted escape by crashing into the homeowner's vehicle, but were unsuccessful and ran away on foot.
Troopers followed footprints to Laurence's Grandmother's home.
She reportedly confirmed Laurence had been there earlier.
Investigators found methamphetamine pipes and a brush with pink hair matching Russell's in the crashed van.