Construction Report: Badger Road repaving phase one begins

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Department of Transportation has been working on Badger Road throughout the summer, but as they step into the next part of the project, residents can expect longer delays.

Badger Road is widening from Dennis to Hurst Road. So far in the project, DOT crews have been moving dirt to expand the road and have pushed culverts further off of Badger. Spokesperson Caitlin Frye says they are breaking up the current asphalt so they can start repaving.

"The paving part of this project will take place in three different sections," said Cailtin Frye. "They are working on their first section right now which is in the middle."

3.8 miles of the roughly 9 mile project will be repaved first. The project will then move towards Hurst Road, before repaving will begin near Dennis. Frye says the project will put in a left turn lane. The project is being funded by a Federal Highway Safety Program Grant. To qualify, a project must be submitted on the grounds that it will increase the safety of an area.

"There are so many driveways and side streets on Badger Road," began Frye; "that there's a higher than average crash rate for turning traffic. This project, installing a two way left turn lane in the middle of Badger Road, we expect that it could reduce crashes by up to 33%."

While the repaving is underway, Frye says locals can expect 15 minute delays.

The project will also use a type of material new to the area. A high friction surface treatment will be added to dangerous turning areas like the Peede Road connection. 30 days after the asphalt has settled, a crew will apply the surface over the road to increase tire grip in those locations.

For those wanting more information on the project and traffic impacts, there will be a meeting hosted by DOT tomorrow night at the North Pole Worship Center. That meeting goes from 5-6:30 pm.