Constituents voice concerns on tax bill in Young’s Office

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A group of constituents visited Don Young's Fairbanks office today to voice their thoughts on the Tax bill, opening the arctic national wildlife refuge, and changes in healthcare.
Sarah Dubowski was there and files this report.
"No filming, no filming."
"I'm with the media, KTVF?"
"Not allowed."
About 30 concerned citizens visited Don Young's Fairbanks office to express their concerns about the Federal Tax Bill being pushed through congress.
When the group arrived they were told not to film. At first Young's employee said it was because of sensitive documents in the room but audio recorders were also asked to stop. Media were forced out of the public office and recorded the testimony from outside the door.
Constituents spoke about the rushing of the tax bill which included changes to healthcare and a provision to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling.
Odin Miller; Activist>>: "Could we please request that this would be unnecessary if Representative Young, himself, would come to Alaska before the vote on the Tax bill and actually hear what Alaskans have to say about it. Representative Young, along with Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan, none of them have come to Alaska and had one single meeting with their constituents about this tax bill. This tax bill is being built as this historical 30-year thing, I would think that with a landmark piece of legislation like that, they would want to know that their constituents actually support them.-"
Silvia Daeumichen; Constituent>>: "I'm a single mom, living off the grid, I work hard to keep ourselves going and these kids are on kid care and if we don't have kid care anymore, they don't get medical."
Sarah Maupin; Constituent>>: "Currently if you go to the villages, if you want to get a jar of peanut butter, it's $20 dollars. We cannot survive off of store food. We are forced to move into the cities because there are no jobs and we cannot live off the land unless we have expensive equipment because the caribou do not go to the same places that they used to. We have to travel far, we get smaller caribou that are sick. Right now they are trying to lie and say that the caribou population won't be affected, that the birthing grounds won't be affected, this is obviously not true. This is not just food for us, this is a way of life, it is a spiritual wellness and when you take those abilities away from us, you are continuing to colonize us, to ignore us and to abuse us."
Sarah Dubowski Reporting.