Company: Workers disciplined after Anchorage video of thrown packages hits social media

(Photo courtesy of MGN)
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A widely-shared video circulating on social media showing people in an Anchorage warehouse heaving Amazon packages to one another is being called an "unfortunate incident" by the company responsible.

In an emailed statement to KTUU, an Amazon spokesperson said: "This does not meet the high standards we have for how our packages should be handled and cared for," but said the facility shown in the video was not operated by Amazon but by an Anchorage logistics company, Naniq Global Logistics.

The video shows employees throwing packages across the warehouse like frisbees. An employee can be heard saying, "Happy Thanksgiving, people."

A spokesperson for Naniq Global Logistics told KTUU that a warehouse employee posted the video sometime on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

The spokesperson for Naniq said that "we have started and are continuing to complete an investigation within the warehouse and appropriate disciplinary actions are taking place with every individual involved either on-camera or off-camera."

The online retail giant said it was also addressing the incident.

"We are working closely with our partner, Naniq, who operates the facility and the associates involved are no longer handling packages," the Amazon spokesperson wrote Friday.

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