Community gives generously in annual holiday toy drive

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Christmas tree in the United Way office was bursting with toys donated by Fairbanks community members.
Volunteers from Thrivalaska (thrive alaska) and other member agencies filled bags for children and teens who would have otherwise gone without this year.
Whitney Malen, from Madden Real Estate, said that she was happy with the turnout - especially since there were plenty of toys for teens, which was needed the most.
United Way Executive Director, Bill Wright, talked about changes he would like to see for next year's toy drive, while Shelly Mensch of Thrivalaska shared her observations after the toys were distributed.

Bill Wright; Executive Director, UWTV >> "What we'd like to do in the future is to add any new businesses who would like to participate. There are just four locations where we have drop offs, but if there are other businesses out there that want to be a part of this, we'd love to hear from you to join us in this great community event."

Shelly Mensch; Financial Administrator, Thrivalaska >> "These tables were full of toys hours ago, and even though families responded in quick outpour and picked up these toys for their families, there is still a great need and a great opportunity for the Fairbanks community to come forward for more."