Community comes together to help Fairbanks Foodbank provide Thanksgiving dinner for all

The Fairbanks Community Foodbank have gone from 400 turkeys at the beginning of November to likely making their goal of feeding all Fairbanks families in need for Thanksgiving. (Carly Sjordal, KTVF)
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Only a few weeks ago, the Fairbanks Community foodbank wasn't sure they were going to make their goal of providing the whole Fairbanks community with Thanksgiving dinners,

They have gone from 400 turkeys at the beginning of November, to strong indications they will meet their goal of feeding all Fairbanks families in need for thanksgiving.

Samantha Kirstein, The Community Director, is especially thankful that the community has come together for this good cause. "Miracles happen, November 1, I looked forward and thought 'oh how are we going to do this again we have 400 turkeys we've been saving for the last few months', and then they started coming, one at a time, so we were hopeful," said Kirstein.

Kirstein specifically noted that the Fred Meyer food drive was particularly helpful in gathering donations. Additionally, for the last week, they've been steadily getting donations of 40 turkeys an hour.

Last year the goal was to give out 2,000 food boxes, but 2,700 hundred boxes ended up being passed out to members of the community by the end of the day.

A number of groups are volunteering Wednesday to make this possible including the Fairbanks Kiwanis Club, The Rotary Club of Fairbanks, and many groups throughout the community. Alaska Fuel distributors just donated 400 Roast Chickens and 400 pumpkin pies on the day of distribution.

While expressing her thanks to the public, Kirstein told us "I do whatever needs to be done, today. Of course meeting our community... our community has been incredibly giving and gracious and thoughtful and I have so many things to give thanks for. So that's my job today is to make sure I say thank you to everyone who's had a hand in this. It takes a whole community to feed this many people and again, our community has pulled through.”

Kirstein says it will be unclear to know if they met their goal until after the event has ended.

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