Committee makes bed tax funding choices

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The City of Fairbanks Bed Tax Committee has made its allocations for next year's distribution of hotel and motel room funds.
And if the committee's recommendations are approved by the City Council in January, some groups that usually get funds will miss out this year.
Bed taxes are intended to be distributed to organizations that draw visitors to Fairbanks.
Many of the Interior's most prominent non-profit groups are set to get bed tax funds.
At the top of the list is the Fairbanks Arts Association, selected by the committee to get nearly $70 thousand dollars out of the $270 thousand in total funds.
The Yukon Quest will get $27 thousand dollars, and Festival Fairbanks will receive about 25 thousand.
But some big names are missing out.
The Alaska Dog Musher's Association, which got $18 thousand dollars last year, is slated to get nothing.
Also failing to make the cut: the World Eskimo- Indian Olympics, which received $15-thousand dollars last year, but this year stands to get zero.