Comedian Tom Arnold visits Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 17th annual Funny Fest came to an end with a star of the silver screen and the comedy stage, Tom Arnold.
The Blue Loon held two sold out shows on Saturday for the headliner. The 'True Lies' movie star entertained the crowd with anecdotes of working in Hollywood and being friends with such actors as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hugh Grant. His most endearing stories centered on his relationship with his current wife and their experience trying to have children. After the performances, Arnold took pictures with patrons, and signed t-shirts he was selling. All the proceeds from the t-shirt sales went towards the charity 'Camp Del Corazon,' which provides a free summer camp on Catalina Island for children with heart disease. Amanda Brennan sat down with Arnold to ask him a few questions.
Tom Arnold; Comedian>>: "Well, I've been to Alaska before, during the summer and early fall, and it's cold, but I grew up in Iowa. But the people are wonderful, the scenery is wonderful. You know, it was funny, when I was flying from Anchorage to Fairbanks, I was filming out the window for my kids, and the people next to me were like, 'You don't get up here very often, do you bud?' But you know, it's wonderful. You can make jokes about how cold it is, and there are a lot of ways to die here. I don't know if I have carbon monoxide poisoning, and you can walk outside and die from the cold, but there's worse places to die, let me tell you. And the people are incredibly nice."