Coghill called for recension on PFD bill

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JUNEAU, Alaska Earlier today on the floor, North Pole Senator John Coghill asked to rescind the Senate’s action on the amended SB 1002, which called for the full statutory calculation on this year’s PFD.

This is the same bill Coghill voted against on Tuesday. The Senate held a vote to table the decision, but it was unsuccessful. Ultimately, the recension was not voted on today. Instead, Senator Coghill asked for the body to adjourn before a decision was made. We spoke to the Senator after today’s session about why he proposed a recension on a bill he was against.

“We are running out of time to actually physically get a budget to end this special session," began Senator Coghill; "and many people have told me that this bill needs to be dealt with before they’re willing to take on an operating budget, and there were some members who weren’t here, but they had been criticizing me for not doing anything. Based on that, my attitude was, okay, I’m going to put the bill on the floor. We have a quorum. It’s time for us to get this thing done so we can get an operating budget in front of us.”

Coghill believes waiting until next week to start on the state’s budget, as other’s have suggested, would be too late. He called into question SB 1002 in hopes of moving on from the PFD debate. Coghill said that he plans on withdrawing his ask for a recension of the bill, and that he expects the Senate to start focusing on the budget.