Climate Action Leadership Team speaks on need for environmental policies

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Alaska Lieutenant Governor, Byron Mallott, chaired a meeting with the 'Climate Action Leadership Team' at the University of Alaska Fairbanks earlier today.
The 20 member group spoke on topics ranging from state policy, to economic impacts of the changing environment on Alaska.
According to the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, the Last Frontier is warming twice as fast as the rest of the U-S.
While the discussion was not an official reflection of the State's position of climate change, it was representative of the Climate Team's work up to this point.
The group was formed by Alaska Governor Bill Walker to help deal with the effects of climate change.
A final draft of the Climate Team's suggested actions will be presented to Governor Walker later this year in September.
Lt. Governor Mallott spoke on the importance of labeling Climate Change as a disaster in legislation.
Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott; (D) Alaska>>: "The Definition of a disaster now is typically a physical disaster, an earthquake, a tsunami, or an economic disaster; and we have law, and we have regulations, and we have programs that allow us to be responsive in that way. But with this issue of a changing climate, climate change, we know things are happening that affect us now, but we know that there will be more grave consequences in a liner way further down the road; and we do need to define it, we need to articulate it in policy, and we need to develop a resource response to it that we do not have now."