City welcomes Cleworth, Pruhs to new terms

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks city council members, Jerry Cleworth and David Pruhs, were sworn into office to begin new terms at this week's meeting.
The men will serve on the council until October 2020.
Cleworth says he's been involved in city government as a council member and mayor for the past 25 years.
In comments at the meeting, Cleworth and Pruhs shared their thoughts, and gave thanks for being re-elected to another 3 year term.

Jerry Cleworth; Fairbanks City Council Member>>"When I first got on the council, both the police and fire departments were in quote temporary quarters on 7th avenue which had long since become permanent quarters and they were extremely cramped and outdated. We hit a wall in the late 80's with the loss of municipal laid and revenue sharing from Juneau after making a lot of cuts. This is what I love about serving on the council is when you take something and that people have kind of discarded and make something out of it."

David Pruhs; Fairbanks City Council Member>>"Being on the Fairbanks city council is one of the finest honors I've ever been given in my life. As I sat down next to Jerry for my first meeting, my first night, I looked at him and I said I don't do boring. I enjoy what I do here, I thank all of you for the input you let me give. Mayor you have one of the finest staffs I could ever work with."