City to pick up Christmas trees starting Thursday

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Trees were originally picked up along with regular garbage, but the waste collection team soon realized that the trees gunked up the garbage trucks, making it difficult to do the job.
Public Works utilizes a wood chipper, and can add these Christmas trees to make mulch which residents can then take free of charge.
On their regular routes, garbage collectors will note the addresses of citizens who have put trees out for collection, and will return on Thursdays to pick them up.

Residents can also leave their information with Public Works dispatch, and they will be added to the collection list.
Call: 907-459-6770 for service.
Labor Foreman with the department, Sean Rice, asks that residents make sure only a bare tree is put out for collection.

Sean Rice; Labor Foreman, Public Works >> "One thing that we do ask is make sure your lights are off. We've had some people who have left the lights on and we haven't seen them whenever we're sending them through the wood chipper and it kind of slows the process down when we have to shut down the wood chipper and be able to get those wires out of the wood chipper but other than that please make sure that you have it right where you have regular garbage, make sure the lights are off of it and just let us know and we'll make sure to pick it up on a Thursday."