City running out of places to put snow

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Also at last night's city council meeting, the public received an update on the status of snow removal in the City of Fairbanks.
According to a memorandum from the Public Works Director, Jeff Jacobson, temporary snow removal operators were hired to supplement the city's seven permanent operators in January.
As more snow accumulated, 14 additional temporary operators were hired on February 20th.
Two of the six operational snow storage sites are filled to capacity, with the Hamilton Acres and first avenue storage sites close to reaching full capacity.
The permitting process to expand three storage sites this summer has already begun.
With the current weather system, Mayor Jim Matherly asked for patience as he meets with Public Works to see that the snow is removed as soon as possible.
Mayor Jim Matherly; City of Fairbanks>>: "Please bear with us. Public Works is working on a shoestring in some cases. I just authorized some more temp workers come in and work overnight if we have to to tackle the streets. Lot of questions about Barnette. I understand. I drive the streets every day, too. I totally feel the frustration of the city, but I appreciate everybody's patience on that. I really do."
The estimated snow plow schedule is as follows;
On Wednesday, February 28th at Shannon Park and Hamilton Acres.
Thursday, March First at Arctic Park.
Monday, March Fifth, Aurora.
Tuesday, March Sixth at the Walden Estates.
And March seventh and eighth, back to Aurora.