City finance information more readily available

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska The City of Fairbanks has a new resource on their web page to help citizens keep up with expenditures throughout town.

The 'Open Finance' tab on the City's website lists both the Revenue Budget and the Operating Budget for 2019, as well as years prior. Records from taxes collected, to the money spent on services are all available to the public with a click of a button. You can also keep track of how much of the budget has already been spent, and in what category. Much of what the feature offers is already available to public. The website just makes it easier to access.

"The main goal is to easily get information to the residents," said Teal Soden, the City's Communication Director. "Last year we launched a whole new website, and this is kind of an add-on to that."

Soden says the 'Open Finance' tab will be updates weekly. This new feature was created in a continued effort to have transparent local government.