City Council steps forward to better relations with labor unions

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Fairbanks, Alaska The Fairbanks City Council took a step forward last night to better labor relations and negotiations with the city. The council adopted and approved new language to be added to the city's Labor Relations and Negotiations general code, an action they had postponed from the August 20 meeting.

The council decided certain sections of code have become outdated, so this was an attempt to reorganize. The council was split on whether or not to approve the ordinance, and Mayor Jim Matherly cast the deciding vote.

"Over the next several week's folks, we've got huge things ahead of us way bigger than this, budget, big budget items, new council members and those are huge items to me," said Mayor Matherly.

This action comes during labor negotiations between the city and various labor unions, including the Fairbanks Firefighters Union. Back in July of this year, the council rejected a three-year firefighters contract between the city and the local fire fighter union.

However, the council did agree during Monday night's meeting to advance a labor agreement between the city and the Fairbanks Firefighters Union, which will be up for further discussion at the council's next meeting.