Citizen Review Panel and the Alaska Office of Children's Services

Last week we told you a bit about the Citizen Review Panel, which is related to the Office of Children's services.
Rhiannon Walker has a more in depth look at the responsibilities of the CRP.

The Citizen Review Panel is comprised of a group of volunteers, dedicated to ensuring the Office of Children's Services is following federal guidelines, and providing children and families with the services they need.

But how does the CRP accomplish this?
Chairman Diwakar Vadapalli explains the main function of the panel as laid out by Federal Statute.

By receiving feedback from the children and families, the CRP is able to look at the differences between what is preferable, what is being done in practice, and what is stated in policy that should be done. If any discrepancies are found, it is the CRP's responsibility to make recommendations of changes to be implemented and these Child Protection agencies are required to respond, within 6 months, and say how or if they will be choosing to implement the changes recommended by the CRP.

The CRP has quarterly meetings where people can call and listen in, as well as ask questions of the panel. For information on these meeting and ways to be involved with the Citizen Review Panel, you can visit their website at