Children in need go on shopping spree, buy gifts for family

FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) The Rotary Club of College in Fairbanks works with the Salvation Army to provide children whose families may need assistance this holiday season with a $50 shopping spree. This shopping spree allows kids to pick out gifts on their own for their family members.

Children checking out with the gifts they have chosen for their family. (Sara Tewksbury/KTVF)

A child is paired with a Rotarian or a local volunteer to explore Fred Meyer and choose what they want to buy. The Rotary Club has collaborated with the Salvation Army on this event for more than thirty years and each year, about 50 to 100 kids participate.

Divisional Commander Major John Brackenbury with the Salvation Army Alaska Division says this program helps families in need during the holiday season when things might be a little tight financially.
"It's such an exciting thing for many of them. I was talking to a few of them this morning and just the excitement on their faces of being able to come and shop and be able to buy the things that they want to be able to buy and not have to worry about the money. I know the parents are appreciative of that. It's a great thing and the kids are just excited about it," said Brackenbury.
After selecting the gifts they want to get their families, the children went back to the Salvation Army to wrap their presents.
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