Childhood trauma topic of Fairbanks chamber luncheon

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Adverse child experiences, or ACE's, was the topic at today's Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

ACE's are stressful experiences that stunt the mental development of children. There is a wide range of experiences ranging from abuse, to witnessing family assault, to neglect. All forms of ACE's can cause a wide variety of health problems. In a 2013 study, the State of Alaska had more adults that experienced ACE's than 10 other states in the U- S.

According to Doctor Laura Brunner with The Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, ACE's effect everything from education to employment. She also spoke about what can help those dealing with these high levels of stress.

"So the biggest thing that helps kids is what's called resiliency," said Dr. Brunner, "and that's helping kids learn how to cope with things that are happening and helping kids learn how to change their brains to help them cope with what's happening, and resiliency, what we know about that, is having an adult that's invested in caring in your life is what make a difference."