Chamber speaker delivers update on regional Native corporations

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Executive Director for the 'Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Regional Association' was the keynote speaker at today's Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce luncheon.
Kim Reitmeier was invited to speak to chamber members to discuss the economic impact of the ANCSA regional corporations on a statewide level.
According to ANCSA Regional Association data, in 2016 the Alaska Regional corporations generated 14.8 billion dollars in gross revenue, over 70 thousand jobs worldwide, and over 22 thousand jobs in Alaska.
The total amount of dividends paid out to shareholders was over $160 million.
Reitmeier discussed how the ANCSA corporations have been integral in diversifying Alaska's economy.
Kim Reitmeier; Executive Director, ANCSA Regional Association>>: "Well, I think they have become an economic engine in the 45 years of ANCSA. You look at the employment numbers that we provide on a statewide level, we're close to 75% of the private business provide the employment of the state on that basis. You look at the revenues that we bring - over a billion dollars in payroll to the state of Alaska alone, the support that we have for our communities, the services that we provide, the shareholder benefits, the scholarships as I mentioned, it's just really across the board."