Census workers start 'address canvassing'

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Even though the 2020 census is still months away, preparations are already being made to help make sure everyone in the Fairbanks North Star Borough is counted.

Census workers have started 'address canvassing' in the borough, a process that helps refine and verify address lists so they are able to accurately conduct the census.

Alysha Childs, Complete Count Committee Coordinator for the FNSB Mayor's Office, says that the census is important because it determines how many congressional and legislative members Fairbanks gets on a federal and state level.

She says it also determines where hundreds of billions in federal aid dollars go, including Medicaid, Medicare and Pell grant funding.

Childs says residents may see census workers coming to their homes in coming weeks and says it is important to give them accurate information.

"The address takers are going to be wearing an ID badge,” Childs said. “That ID badge is going to have their picture on it. It is going to have a watermark from the Department of Commerce and it is going to have an expiration date on it. They should also be carrying a census laptop."

Childs says if people have questions about whether someone is a census worker or not, they can call 800-923-8282.

She asks that people be polite and help make sure the Fairbanks census is accurate because the next chance they will get is in 2030.

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