Candidates for the school board participate in forum

The candidates running for school board participated in two candidate forums, one hosted by The Young Professionals Council and League of Women Voters and one by the administration at West Valley High School.
Julia Laude attended both to what these candidates had to say.
During The Young Professionals Council and League of Women Voters forum, candidates answered questions on budget and the economy.
Candidate Michael Kenna says to take the budget fight to Juneau.
>>Michael Kenna; Seat E Candidate: "You have to attack Juneau and stabilize the budget and give teachers the security they need to ensure they can provide for their families. Teachers can't expect to perform their best in a classroom if they're afraid they're going to lose their job next month."
At West Valley's event, candidates responded to student concerns on sexual assault and suicide.
Both Mat Wade and Chrya Sanderson have seen the tragic effect of suicide.
>>Mat Wade; Seat E Candidate: "It makes me sad that you guys have to talk about this. I did not know what this was until I was out of high school really. It didn't even occur to me. First time I heard about it, first time I saw my dad cry. His brother. People commit suicide because they feel they have no value, no one's listening to them. We need to make people feel safe. That they're important have a voice. Just support each other."
Chyra Sanderson; Seat E Candidate>>: "I have a student that's dealing with this. I'm very concerned and worried about my student. My student has suffered many losses in this way and I'm going to encourage you ask that tough question, 'are you planning on doing something harmful to yourself?'"
Current member, Wendy Dominique continues to fight to keep counseling resources within the district.
Wendy Dominique; Seat G Candidate>>: "So that they can be in the classrooms, helping students work through these problems. It's going to be a problem for us because we're at number one on this topic and alcoholism and the drugs that we have to deal with. If we keep our intervention specialists on board and bring more on board we can help and help teachers send these students to the right and proper areas so they can get help and we won't put this burden on the teachers."
Students also brought forth questions on increasing the time for lunch, enforcement of the dress code and advocating for various classes.
This is Julia Laude reporting.