Burton-Hill found not guilty in Kavairlook killing

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The trial of 24-year-old Patrick Dale Burton-Hill was completed Thursday evening when the jury returned their verdict after less than a day of deliberating.
Burton-Hill was found not guilty on the charges of Murder 1 and Murder 2 that were brought against him for the killing of John Kavairlook Jr. outside Rock N Rodeo on May 17th 2015.
According to reports from the Daily News Miner, Burton-Hill was arrested by Fairbanks Police in Cleveland, Ohio in February of 2016, after an almost yearlong manhunt that spanned 6 states.
The report also states that Burton-Hill will be sent back down to Cleveland for sentencing in the third degree assault charge that lead Fairbanks Police to him.
Burton-Hill allegedly faces a felony possession charge in Las Vegas as well.