Breast Cancer Detection Center makes upgrades

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Breast Cancer Detection Center is renovating its location for easier access and building upgrades.
The project started on January 15th, and is predicted to be completed in October to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
From now until then, patients will have to enter through the back of the building.
According to Executive Director, Odette Butler, the goal of the renovations is to bring patient services closer to the patients.
In addition to upgrading windows to be more energy efficient, as well as upgrading technology, the new renovations will include a learning center, a rental space, and a completely redesigned reception area.
Odette discusses the fundraising efforts that have taken place to make the renovations a reality.
Odette Butler; Executive Director, BCDC>>: "We have been fundraising for three years for this project. But none have been given to us for services have been included in that money. So it took some ingenuity and some reaching out to foundations for grants. And so the majority of the funding for this project has come from the Murkowski Waterfall Foundation, MJ Murdock Foundation, and Rasmuson Foundation."