Breast Cancer Detection Center gets major donation from Rasmuson Foundation

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last fall, the Rasmuson Foundation approved a 250-thousand dollar grant under the condition that the detection center raise an additional 50-thousand dollars.
B-C-D-C raised the required amount, which was then matched by the foundation.
Today, with the help of Rasmuson Foundation board member, Rebecca Brice Henderson, the B-C-D-C accepted a check of 300-thousand dollars.
Executive Director, Odette Butler, says the grant will go towards making the building more energy efficient, and welcoming for the community.


Odette Butler; Executive Director, BCDC >> "We did an energy audit and we are trying to do things that will improve our energy efficiency for the building. The building is an older building. It was built in '86, and it's about time it got a little face lift. One of our goals with patients is to try to help reduce anxiety when they come in for their mammograms. We've always had a welcoming atmosphere, it's just we need to update it. In addition to that we wanted to do something that would give us an opportunity to offer some events here and do things with community, try to bring community in for other events that might also serve to inform them about what our services are."