Boy Scouts introduce diversity badge in support of Black Lives Matter

The Boy Scouts of America are showing support for Black Lives Matter and will require some scouts to earn a diversity badge. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) – The Boy Scouts of America have a new diversity and inclusion merit badge as part of their push to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

They said the new badge will build on existing programs that require scouts to “engage with other groups and cultures.”

In a statement, the Boy Scouts of America said Eagle Scouts will be required to get the badge.

The Boy Scouts also said they’ll be taking a close look at any way they’ve perpetuated racism in the past.

The first black members joined the Scouts in 1911, but the organization defined them as “Special Troops,” according to the African American Registry, an education nonprofit.

It wasn’t until after the Civil Rights Act passed that the organization was fully integrated.

Some of the scouting program’s other discriminatory polices remained in place until the last decade.

Just a few years ago, the organization removed its ban on gay troop leaders and employees. Girls were allowed to join the Boy Scouts starting last year.

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