Borough's 'wood-stove change out' program will transition residents to new burn restrictions

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Over the weekend on Saturday, day two of the 2017 Fairbanks North Star Borough Clear the Air Home Heating Forum and Expo wrapped up their conference meeting with a more in-depth look at air quality.

Glenn Miller from the Fairbanks North Star Borough gave a presentation on the 'wood stove change-out' program.

In his presentation he spoke about the history of the program and how people can participate in it.

Miller showed visual images of previous and current wood stove appliances and how they have changed over the years to meet the air quality requirements.

The 'wood stove change-out' program started back in 2010.

Miller also talked about how the new EPA-certified wood stove appliances are cleaner and more efficient.

He says there are some new changes about to take place this winter in regards to the air quality in the borough.

"This winter, we're going to have different stage-restrictions based on air quality. During the stage 1 restrictions - only individuals that have certified stoves or borough listed appliances can continue to burn if they have a stage 1 waiver. The only way you can get that waiver is to have a borough listed appliance.
Based on last year's numbers, North Pole will probably have about 30 days that will be under a stage 1 restriction. Fairbanks will probably have about 21 days that are under a stage 1 restriction. If you have that stage 1 waiver, because you have a borough listed appliance, you'll be able to continue to use that stove legally during that time frame."