Borough mayor orders searchable name fields removed from online property database

FAIRBANKS, Alaska Mayor Bryce Ward made his first veto as borough mayor.

Ordinance number 2019-26 passed the assembly last week with a vote of 7 to 1.

Ward issued a memo to the assembly on Wednesday stating that the ordinance creates a significant administrative burden for the borough that has not been adequately funded and inadvertently creates classes of our community and arbitrarily selects individuals who are eligible for this special privilege.

The assembly had originally just had the removal of property information for a certain group of people including law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

“FNSB Ordinance 2019-26 has been thoroughly reviewed and discussed by the Assembly with public testimony considered. It is my intent to protect all residents of the borough and therefore, it is my decision to order searchable name fields be removed from the online publication for all real properties within the Fairbanks North Star Borough except searches by corporate or business name”, said Ward.

“This will extend the provisions of Ordinance 2019-26 for affected individuals by removing ownership information for all properties they might own, not just the primary residence. In addition, this action will meet the Assembly’s expressed desire to extend Ordinance 2019-26 to all individual owners of real property within the Fairbanks North Star Borough.”

According to the memo from Ward, this removal will be completed by June 28th. People will still be able to submit public records requests through traditional channels for the information that is being removed from the database.