Borough looking for feedback on future downtown plans

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Monday, January 1st, is the deadline for an online survey about the planning and layout for the city's core area.
The survey is meant to get community feedback that will help give the borough some ideas about what's missing from downtown.
The boundaries of the planning effort extend from Airport Way to Minnie Street, and the Steese Expressway to Cowles Street.
The survey reportedly takes at least 10 minutes to complete, and also contains some online multiple choice questions.
Melissa Kellner, from the Borough, says Fairbanks residents can find the survey online.

Melissa Kellner; Community Planning Dept., FNSB >> "If you go to, you can access the project website. It's called downtown plan and you can get to the survey that way. You can also access our interactive map where you can provide sites specific comments. You can sign up to get on the email list for updates on the project. We really want this downtown planning effort to be community led. With information that we get from this survey, it will help us create goals to guide the plan and come up with implementation plans for reaching those goals."