Borough holding community workshop to develop downtown Fairbanks

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The Fairbanks North Star Borough will be hosting a community workshop next week to help plan and better shape the future of downtown Fairbanks.

The event is called "Downtown Fairbanks Planning: Vision to Action", and will be taking place at the Westmark Hotel on Wednesday September 27th from 6 to 9 PM.

This community workshop is a kick-off meeting in which the borough is inviting the community to come and share their ideas, concepts and thoughts on things they would like improved in downtown.

The event will feature a PowerPoint presentation about what a downtown plan is, time for questions from the audience, and a hands-on mapping exercise of downtown.

Christine Nelson, from the borough, says the workshop will hopefully bring about good ideas and changes that residents of Fairbanks would like to see.

"At this stage all were doing is gathering ideas and concepts and will put them in sort of categories and over the year process, will develop goals and policies and ultimately implementation strategies and that's where we start talking about how can we afford to do this. What kind of funds are out there? Whether it's the borough or the chamber is involved or the downtown association or the city. There's a wide variety of ideas. Every downtown does similar types of things. Everybody's a little different. So we want to get our flavor from our community and then understand you know not only what they want but how they want to get there."