Borough Assembly meets for first time since election, discusses school budget

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Thursday night's Borough Assembly meeting was compiled of ordinances ranging from Borough land inquiries to the School Board Fund Ordinance. Adriel Butler, co-owner of Borealis Basecamp, motioned to purchase the land from the Borough, as well as implied a need for road service in the area located in the Himalaya Subdivision.

"We had an extremely wet fall, and on two different occasions we stopped all materials and gravel because the water was so much and the road was deteriorating," she said.

After discussing the zoning and property details, the Borough members all voted yes to Ordinance 2018-42 in favor of the adjoining land owners.

Assembly member Matthew Cooper said, "Would anyone like to change their vote? Seeing and hearing none, the Ordinance is adopted 8-0."

After a brief recess the Borough moved on to its more controversial topic of the night, pertaining to Ordinance 2018-41, regarding the School district Budget. Discussions back and forth between members of the Assembly, and President of the School Board Wendy Dominique, became contentious on whether to pass the motion, extending the date of redirecting the money from the school district back to the borough.

Assembly member Shaun Tacke said, "I'd be interested in hearing what the administration's position is on timing. I know that Mr. Williams has a concern about time line."

Assembly member Marna Sanford said,"Mrs. Dominique, you would hear that there is some urgency from this body while we considering this and that I would be very unlikely to consider a further postponement."

Wendy Dominique said, "I would like to in good faith acquire your patience while we work through this ordinance."

The School district continued to reiterate a postponement with intent to have all information regarding the budget in order by their next meeting on November 26.

Tacke said, "I don't know whether or not there is going to be any substantial changes or suggested changes from the administration, and that makes me nervous."

Sanford said, "I think the high road is giving them some time to deal with what's coming."

Lojewski said, "I just have a bad feeling that that could happen again, that we are going to be stuck with another good reason to delay again."

Dominique said, "We're going to do what we have to do to make this come together so that we both have a win, win situation."

In the end the motion was postponed to a later date of December 13 by a vote of 8-1.